I left work two hours early for a doctor's appointment. I arrived about 10 minutes early only to be informed that my doctor was running 45 minutes late. OMG! I spent about 10 minutes fuming over the situation and texting my husband. I really hated being in the waiting room. But accepting the situation was much easier on my blood pressure and I took the time to finish reading the book for an upcoming Mother-Daughter book club meeting.

My doctor eventually saw me an hour after the appointment time. I appreciated the unexpected joy in reading and having nothing much to do other than to read. It left me in a state of relaxation not felt in months. I had not been able to write for months, as you may surmise from my previous post. And my mind felt so clear and receptive to writing. I think it was entirely attributed to not being at work or at home, relaxing with a good book, and not worrying what I needed to do next. I realized that I needed to allow this more often. And it saddened me that my life had become so chaotic that I did not have enough room for this little pleasure anymore.